Welcome to the ASNT Southern Africa Section

The ASNT Southern African Section has been operating successfully for the last 7 years, after a previous period of being dormant for 18 years. The current committee is dedicated to ASNT's mission: to create a safer world by serving the NDT professions and promoting NDT technologies, through publishing, certification, research and conferencing.

Recent successes include: 11 sessions of ASNT Level III examinations (invigilated by QCCO Egypt), which have resulted in the number of ASNT Level III personnel increasing from 9 to 43, several wonderful information evenings, where Level III's have obtained re-certification points (not to mention the great food), active participation in the World Conference for NDT 2012 in Durban and student outreach programmes.

ASNT members are invited to regular meetings and events. Non members are welcome to most of our activities and meetings. We encourage you to take part in all major decisions that affect you and your NDT interests. Contact any of our committee members for more information. Their details are avialible on the website.

It is a very user-friendly website. You will be able to join the ASNT, order publications, download the free 'Choose NDT' video and access any information you desire on the ASNT website via the link on the home page. Remember this is YOUR society and YOUR webpage - we look forward to hearing from you and receiving your input!

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