The Southern Africa Section visited the University of the Witwatersrand’s Mechanical Engineering Department in May 2012. By doing an actual inspection visit (on their own horizontal gas fired 1900 kPa boiler) the staff and students were given a demonstration of how to enhance the normal visual inspection with magnetic particle inspection.

There were further discussions on the safety and pressure of accessories removed, shipping back to the workshops, stripping, cleaning, additional inspection, rebuilding and refitting of the boiler prior to hydraulic testing.

Brian Dadford, the Southern Africa Section Treasurer, made the visit possible. He was assisted by John Kruger, our newest ASNT Section member. Both men were most impressed with the University’s efforts and overall housekeeping. The Section wishes to thank the staff of the Mechanical Engineering Department for their hospitality and wonderful positive attitude.

Our newest ASNT member, John Kruger (Boiler Inspector and Level 2  
MPI Inspector) on his back in a boiler flue tube.



Left to right - Brian Dadford (NDT Assessor), Tony Caten (Electronics & Electrical boiler expert) and A. Moller (Wits Technical Staff).


Left to right - Shawn Riekert (Wits Mechanical Workshop Technical Staff) and Brian Dadford (NDT Assessor).

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